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Video Production To Help Business Grow

Regardless of the Size of your Business, You can Benefit from the Services of a Video Production Company

Whether you are an entrepreneur who is just beginning an enterprise or have owned a company for a number of years, video production is one form of media that can assist you reaching your target market effectively and quickly.

Videos are Highly Popular Forms of Communication

There’s no doubt about it – integrating the use of videos in your marketing or promotional efforts is a wise investment. Studies and research provide the proof, showing why video production can assist in helping your business prosper as well as see significant gains. For example, one study conducted by comScore showed that over 150 million viewers in one month watched, on average, around 160 videos. Not only that, the research also revealed that YouTube logged over 40 million views during the same time period.

Statistics Show that Videos are the Most Effective Way to Market or Promote your Brand or Organization

Obviously, people like to watch videos so you can’t overlook this powerful form of communication for your business. Take in consideration too that when businesses use videos in their email marketing programs, they improve their click-through rates by close to 100%. A comScore survey also revealed that more than 80% of people who regularly spend time online also watch videos, with the average viewing time estimated at 13 hours per month. In addition, researchers predict that video content will generate ninety percent of the marketing traffic online within the next few years. According to the same source, too, videos will be used to eventually draw mobile traffic to businesses and websites.

Video Marketing can Significantly Impact your Business’s Bottom Line

Needless to say, incorporating videos in your promotions or marketing campaign can dramatically affect your business’s bottom line. That’s because videos draw people’s attention much more readily than pictures and content. The activity and information in a video simply causes people to share information virally and interact with each other. Therefore, videos are the best medium to use to underscore your brand, and, most importantly, to drive sales and produce revenue. Statistics compiled by MarketingSherpa show that most companies (in fact, around 95%) like the results they’ve received by using video marketing.

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