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Successful Video Production

Video Production

The Video Crew

Producing a video can be a comprehensive process which entails enlisting the assistance of a number
of specialists. Besides using the services of camera people and editors, the video company may also use
crew members to scout locations, construct and paint props, set up the furnishings and background for
a video, or create special effects.

The Responsibilities of a Location Scout or Manager

Sometimes a video will call for a specific type of location to be used in a production. A location manager
or scout is frequently hired for this kind of assignment. He or she typically confirms venues for a shoot
after scouting and documenting possible locales.

Craftspeople Used for Producing Videos

Background scenes for videos are sometimes created by set designers and decorators or construction
coordinators. Typically, a video production company will use the services of these craftspeople to
manage the environmental and textural details of a proposed video’s sets.

Set Designers, Decorators, and Dressers

Therefore, you could say that a set designer is a draftsperson of sorts who is also responsible, if his
job includes decorating a set, for planning and choosing the furnishings or accessories for a film’s
background and scenery. Designers can also act as set dressers as well, setting up the drapes, rugs, and
furniture for a video. In some instances, the “dresser” on a set is responsible for creating a landscape
with plants and is referred to as a greens supervisor or greensperson. Painters and fabricators may
also be used to create landscapes for productions too. Sets can be tailored and customized to a client’s

Making Full Use of Creative Talent for a Video Production

Artists are also used to apply surface treatments to sets that replicate the look of stone, wood, brick
or steel. Or, carpenters may be employed to build props on a set. Naturally, not everybody will require
these kinds of services when a video is made. However, if your budget will allow it, making use of this
kind of creative talent can also produce a number of special effects in the form of increased visibility and
revenue for your company.

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