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Ever-Increasing Interest in Watching Videos

The Trend is Definitely Directed Toward Video

YouTube is a phenomenal way to gain notice for your brand, particularly when you look at the gains made in video viewing worldwide and throughout the U.S. Recent statistics, via comScore, show an increasing shift toward video viewing. Over 100 million people, according to the survey company, watched videos in 2011, which represents an increase of 43 percent over the previous year. Plus, video streaming increased by 44 percent over the same time period.

These statistics are important numbers as they denote how video is transforming the way people do business and communicate. In addition to these findings, the research company, Nielsen, conveyed last May that people in the U.S. alone streamed 15 billion videos. Compare that figure with other Nielsen statistics that showed viewing online increased 35%, mobile viewing jumped 20%, and television viewing climbed only a mere .2% over the prior year.

The Best Way to Promote your Brand and Business

When you consider that over a day’s worth of video coverage is uploaded to YouTube each minute of every day, the growing interest in video is no less than astounding. This kind of information is definitely reason enough to enlist the services of a professional video production company.

Make it a goal then to work with a video producer who can assist you in focusing on the specific needs of your customers or target market. Provide the same type of information in a video that is found on a website or incorporated in a blog. Use such information as how-to material, interviews related to what you are selling or promoting, and content that covers questions and answers that detail your product or service.

Promoting your Video through Social Media

Many marketers and businesses are using other social media platforms, besides YouTube, to extend their reach as well. Not only are they blogging about their newly-created videos, they are posting each video to Facebook or tweeting about it via Twitter. By posting your videos on YouTube too, you can gain some insight about who is viewing the productions and which videos are gaining the most notice by way of “likes” or comments.

YouTube Findings

In fact, according to YouTube, 100 million people regularly provide “likes” and comments via the social media platform on a weekly basis. Not only that, over half of YouTube videos have been assessed or include comments. Over 500 tweets are recorded each minute that contain a YouTube link too.

YouTube also states that one hour of video is uploaded to the social media platform each second of each day, and that over four billion videos are watched within a 24-hour time period. Plus, YouTube is a global platform as seventy percent of the traffic comes from countries other than the U.S. Because of its worldwide scope, the social media giant reported over one trillion views in 2011 alone.



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