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Behind the Scenes Video Productions:Photo Shoots, Fashion Shows and Recording Sessions

Posted at Aug 02, 2012 |

Using a video production company for recording photo shoots or behind-the-scene activities is an ideal way to promote your product or event or enhance your brand. In particular, taking videos of photo shoots and behind-the-scene activities at fashion shows not only showcases products but also piques the interest of viewers in a subtle way. A New WayRead more

Wedding Videographer on a Budget in NYC

Posted at Aug 02, 2012 |

If you are planning to have your wedding video taken and live in the New York metropolitan area, then the choice of a videographer will depend on what exactly you want to include in the video, the kinds of services the production company offers, and the proposed price. Needless to say, your wedding is oneRead more

Lectures and Seminars: Video Services in New York City

Posted at Jul 25, 2012 |

If you are holding a seminar in New York, then you definetely need a videographer. Using a video production service in the metropolitan area of New York then not only allows you to record a series of lectures or seminars, the medium can also be used to provide you with footage for company promotions, corporateRead more

Successful Video Production

Posted at Jul 25, 2012 |

The Video Crew Producing a video can be a comprehensive process which entails enlisting the assistance of a number of specialists. Besides using the services of camera people and editors, the video company may also use crew members to scout locations, construct and paint props, set up the furnishings and background for a video, orRead more

Affordable Kickstarter Video Service NYC – Make your Project Creative

Posted at Jul 17, 2012 |

Taking the Initial Step All that is needed is one creative concept and your entrepreneurial venture or artistic project can indeed be a standout sensation. That’s why it’s important to align yourself with a video provider that will take your idea and showcase it so it gets the proper notice. Indeed, a well-placed web-based videoRead more

Promotional Videos for Small Business – Let your Audience See You

Posted at Jul 17, 2012 |

A Great Way to Communicate The best form of promotion for any small business person is a video. It’s the best media to use if you want to garner immediate notice from both your current and potential customers. As the attention span of most people will not reach beyond 30 seconds, using video as aRead more

Designer Von Vonni Video/Photoshoot Part II

Posted at May 29, 2012 |

May 23 2012, Real Arch Videography covered the second part of video and photo shooting a famous NYC Designer – Von Vonni. Always a pleasure working with great crew. Here are some photos:

Ever-Increasing Interest in Watching Videos

Posted at Mar 06, 2012 |

YouTube is a phenomenal way to gain notice for your brand, particularly when you look at the gains made in video viewing worldwide and throughout the U.S. Recent statistics, via comScore, show an increasing shift toward video viewing. Over 100 million people, according to the survey company, watched videos in 2011, which represents an increaseRead more

Designer Von Vonni Video/Photo Shoot

Posted at Mar 05, 2012 |

On March 2 2012, Real Arch Videography had a blast with Donald Stoot Photography (,, video and photo shooting a famous NYC Designer – Von Vonni. Behind the scenes fragment will be coming up shortly. Great energy, lots of fun and great footage. Here are some photos:

Video Production for Real Estate

Posted at Feb 27, 2012 |

Recent survey results by Mashable show that approximately 75% of homeowners would rather work with real estate companies that use video production for selling homes and properties. That’s because real estate videos produce an immediate impact, thereby causing listings to sell much more quickly. In addition, video production allows potential buyers to review several propertiesRead more